Virtual Photo Albulm


One of the things about having a digital camera, especially one that you carry everywhere with you, is that you take a whole bunch of photos. And then people ask to see your photos, and you don't have the excuse that "they're being developed". But you do have the problem of how to show people the photos.

Enter the World Wide Web. Enter Ewen's virtual photo albulm.

All New and improved: now with photos rotated to the correct direction. (Only recent photos have been converted so far, but the rest will be converted given some free time. Don't hold your breath.)

Ewen McNeill <>, 2002/08/12


The photos are organised by year, month, and location. They're listed in reverse chronological order.

2008April Wellington (New Zealand)
2008March Wellington (New Zealand)
2008February Melbourne (Victoria, Australia)
2008January Wellington (New Zealand)
2007December Wellington (New Zealand)
2007November Wellington (New Zealand)
2007October Wellington (New Zealand)
2007September Wellington (New Zealand)
2007August Greymouth (New Zealand), Wellington (New Zealand)
2007July Wellington (New Zealand)
2007June Wellington (New Zealand)
2007May Wellington (New Zealand)
2007April Wellington (New Zealand)
2007March Wellington (New Zealand)
2007February Porirua (New Zealand), Wellington (New Zealand)
2007January Sydney, NSW (Australia)
2006December Wellington (New Zealand)
2006November Wellington (New Zealand)
2006October Wellington (New Zealand)
2006August Wellington (New Zealand)
2006July Wellington (New Zealand)
2006April Wellington (New Zealand)
2006March Wellington (New Zealand)
2006February Wellington (New Zealand)
2006January Dunedin (New Zealand)
2005December Wellington (New Zealand)
2005October Wellington (New Zealand)
2005August Wellington (New Zealand)
2005April Canberra, ACT (Australia), NSW (Near Canberra) (Australia)
2005February Ruakawa (New Zealand)
2005January Masterton (New Zealand)
2004December Wellington (New Zealand)
2004November Wellington (New Zealand)
2004July Auckland (New Zealand) Wellington (New Zealand)
2004May Palmerston North (New Zealand)
2004April Wellington (New Zealand)
2004March North Shore, Auckland (New Zealand), Southward's Car Museum (New Zealand), Wellington (New Zealand)
2004January Adelaide (SA, Australia)
2003December Wellington (New Zealand)
2003November Auckland (New Zealand), Wellington (New Zealand)
2003October Wellington (New Zealand)
2003September Wellington (New Zealand)
2003June Wellington (New Zealand), Masterton (New Zealand)
2003May Wellington (New Zealand)
2003April Wellington (New Zealand)
2003March Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), Brussels (Belgium), Masterton (New Zealand), Paris (France), Singapore
2003February Brussels (Belgium), London (England), Singapore
2003January Wellington (New Zealand)
2002December Wellington (New Zealand)
2002November Wellington (New Zealand)
2002September Wellington (New Zealand)
2002August Melbourne (Australia)
2002July Brussels (Belgium), Singapore
2002June Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Antwerpen (Belgium), Brugge (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), Gent (Belgium), Leuven (Belgium), Lelystad (The Netherlands)
2002MayLondon (United Kingdom), San Francisco/Bay Area (California, USA)
2002AprilWellington (New Zealand)
2002MarchWellington (New Zealand)
2002FebruaryWellington (New Zealand)
2002JanuaryWellington (New Zealand), West Coast (New Zealand)
2001DecemberWellington (New Zealand)
2001NovemberWellington (New Zealand)
2001OctoberWellington (New Zealand)
2001SeptemberWellington (New Zealand)
2001AugustWellington (New Zealand)
2001JulyAustin (Texas, USA), Wellington (New Zealand)
2001JuneAntwerpen (Belgium), Brussels (Belgium), London (United Kingdom), Paris (France), Tervuren (Belgium)
2001MayBrussels (Belgium), Knokke (Beligum), San Francisio/Bay Area (California, USA)
Pour les étudiants de Français


(These comments were originally in the introduction; but it got too long, so they've been moved to the end.)

In early 2001, after much soul searching I finally gave into the "Ooooohh, shiiiiinnnny" urge and bought myself a digital camera. For quite a lot more money than I'd been planning to spend. The camera is a Sony DSC-P1, a very compact 3 MegaPixel camera, which is small enough and light enough to be carried everywhere (which was one of the main things I wanted in a camera). With one exception I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone: that hesitation is that the camera or battery seems to have developed a dislike for talking to the other part, and occassionally the camera claims "battery? what battery? I don't see any battery here", while cheerfully displaying a picture on its LCD screen, running on battery power. When it does this it won't take any more photos until it can be persuaded it has a battery again. Possibly a new battery will cure it of this behaviour; although alas they are NZ$140 each, and it seems a but suspect for it to have failed after only a few months.

In an ideal world the photos would be carefully presented with little descriptions against each one describing where they were taken, and what they show. In the world we live in, I have far too much to do, so unfortunately there's just the photos, and you'll have to make up your own descriptions.

All the photos below were taken with my Sony DSC-P1 camera, mostly at 2048x1536 (3MP) but with a few taken at 1600x1200 (2MP). For use on the web they have been resized to a quarter of their original size, with a perl script (that used the perl interface to ImageMagick). This script also produced the thumbnails, and added the annotations to the photo. Another perl script produced the index.html files, that link all the thumbnails for a given location together.

Unfortunately so far nothing has been done about the photos which were taken in portrait mode. You'll just have to get some valuable neck exercises, or mount your monitor on a gimbal.