Ansi-terminal for Amstrad CPC ("EwenTerm")

This URL used to contain the source code to my Ansi-Terminal for the Amstrad CPC, which I wrote in Z80 Assembly in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After some confusion with an Amstrad CPC program called AnsiTerm, by Paul Martin, available on Disk B of Robot PD Disk 13100, I have moved the terminal source to ../ewenterm/, to reduce the confusion.

My program did not really have a name -- it was never released wit the intention of particularly wide distribution -- but the documentation calls it EwenTerm so that is the name I am using here.

"BBS Terminal v5.04" by Glenn Wilton was based on source code from EwenTerm with several extensions; I do not know/remember if Paul Martin's AnsiTerm used any source code from my EwenTerm.

Review of Paul Martin's AnsiTerm: page 1 and page 2.

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Ewen McNeill -- March 2018